The Lady in Red!!!!!!

Friday night was Emileigh's semi-formal at the high school. She looked so lovely and so grown up........TOO grown up!! I'm so proud of the young lady she's become....but it's also bittersweet because I long for the days when she would cuddle up on my lap, in her Minnie Mouse pyjamas and pigtails. Time goes so quickly. But I wanted to share a picture of the big night!!

Isn't she beeee-utiful!!? This is Emileigh with her friend Temma........and her date, Brad!! *insert giant eye roll here*. She is almost sixteen....I guess it had to happen eventually!!!

Good grief!!! We received a HUGE dump of snow overnight and it is still snowing!!! What a perfect day to stay inside and stamp, I say!!! *heehee* Like I need an excuse!!Well, I've got lots to stamp today, so enjoy your Sunday!! I know I will!!!


Kim said...

Gosh Kim isn't your daughter like you, she is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Love your card, it's fabulous! Very cute picture of you and your hubby. Also your daughter is absolutely beautiful, what a cracker!!!

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