Well, I'm sad today. Al called yesterday afternoon and there had been a change of plans. After his company asked him to get ready to go home, to pack up his stuff and fly home.....they asked him to stay another week in Calgary. So he did NOT come home last night. Poo.

AND I have to work all day today. So I'm crabby and I have to work instead of stamp. That's just wrong. So I'd better not have any patrons coming up to the desk today and saying stupid things like, 'I was wondering if you have a book.' or asking me to find an obscure book, spending hours combing all the Ontario library catalogues, finding it ...... and then saying that they don't want it....they just wanted to know if it was available.

'Cause I'll snap I tell ya....snap!!! Hahaha!!

Have a wonderful Saturday. I'll try to post some new stuff for ya tonight!!


Melanie said...

We are having a warm and sunny day, so the library has been fairly quiet today. I hope it stays that way. Don't these people know I should be home scrapping or working on my Christmas cards? Hope you had a good day.

Suzanne said...

Cheer up Kimmie Christmas is coming,the weather is just awful here in the UK, gale force winds and rain. Maybe tomorrow will be a better day for all of us!!! Sue :o)

DeniseLynn said...

Hope your day gets better. It can be so frustrating when plans change at the snap of someone elses finger. Hang in there, he'll be home soon.

Inge said...

Hi Kim, omg you must be so disappointed that your DH isn't coming home yet:(
Hang on girlie:) Hope today will be a great stamping day for you!

xox Inge

catt871 said...

I'm sorry your DH has to stay here in Calgary!! And it is soooo cold too!!! He will be home before you know it & you can enjoy every second of the Christmas holidays!!!!

dd2njoy said...

Oh that's too bad that DH didnt come home,but you had to work on the weekend.So hopefully when he does get home you guys will have lots of time to spend together!!
Hugs to you!!

Ila said... that is very dissapointing....can sure understand why you'd be snappy. Bet the week will fly by though..and hope you have a great time stamping!
People here want me to bake...imagine that!!...Waah!

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