A Night to Remember!!

That's my gorgeous SIXTEEN year old daughter!!! Aaaghhh!!!

Well, I survived. I'm rather bleary eyed and still tired, but I made it through the night! I'm sure I'll be having a nap later on today after they all leave, but that's okay. It was a lot of fun!

And let me warn you now, this post is all Sweet Sixteen party pictures, so if you came here for a stampin' creation, I'll be posting one later!!

Okay, so last night we all met at the restaurant for dinner. It was Emileigh's choice and she chose East Side Mario's. My parents came all the way from Wallaceburg too, at their favourite granddaughter's request!! Here is a pic of Mom and I:

Dinner was fabulous and the girls were hilarious, posing every time I pulled out the camera!

We told the waitress that it was Emileigh's 16th birthday, so after dinner a bunch of the staff came out and made her stand on her chair while they sang Happy Birthday to her for the whole restaurant to hear!! She was such a good sport!!

We came back to the house and did the present thing and.......more pictures!! Aren't they beautiful...........

........and silly!!!

They played Guitar Hero on the Playstation for a LOOOOOOOOONG time, then we had some yummy birthday cake!!

Then Al and I took off to other parts of the house to do our own thing and left the girls to hang out. They played MORE Guitar Hero, watched movies and laughed and yakked until the late-early morning hours. Let's just say I woke up at 4:30am and they were still laughing down there. I just went down to make myself some coffee and they are all asleep in their sleeping bags in a row on the living room floor. Aaaahhhh....so peaceful! They'll be like that until at least noon and then the madness will begin again while we make breakfast!!!

But it was fabulous and I know Emileigh had a super time with all her best friends!! A night to remember!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Kim, I know I'm a bit late but I want to congratulate you with your daughter.16 Years...time flies! I think she has had an awesome party with all of her friends, great photo's thanks for sharing;-)

Big hug,

Beth said...

Thanks for sharing your special photos! It's great to "get to know" blog friends!

MichelleO said...

Wow your daughter is beautiful... but I have seen photos of you so it is in the family. Sounds like she had a great night with her friends and family and will remember her special day for a long time. Congrats-

Kelly Schelske said...

Your daughter is absolutely beautiful!! As are all her lovely friends!! It sounds like you guys had a super time!!

Diane said...

Oh my goodness,she is soooo gorgeous!!! Looks like they had a ball...to be sixteen again!!!!
Glad you survived and she had a blast!!

Heidi said...

Your daughter is beautiful kim! I get to do the 16yo party this year too- man, I can't believe it.

Belas Creating Place said...

Wonderful Parteeee.
I missed out as my son who turned 16 this year didn't want a party or a BBQ waaaahhh....I have two more so let's see.
Your DD will remember this forever and what great parents to host a party with a house full of guitar hero rockin' teens LOL>
Good times, good times.

andrea murdock said...

Your daughter is so beautiful just like her mom!!!!! My oldest is 11.5 and it's amazing this year how one night she changed from a young girl to a young woman- it seemed soooo sudden ACckkkkkk!

I was in stamp art and Nancy showed me your recent MFT card samples, they are beautiful!

Danyelle Kessler said...

What a beautiful girl. You and your husband are blessed!

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