The Clip It Up!!!!!!

Today I have a little review for you ladies, how about that??? I always love to find new products and new things to try out (I think I really just like new things....but who doesn't?). I especially love storage and organizational tools, as it's always a struggle trying to keep things where I can find them in my stamp room, know what I mean???

The Clip it Up by Simply Renee is not a new product to most people in the stamping field. You've probably all seen it and wondered about it, right?? Well, I'm always happy to share my thoughts with you....just try and stop me!! hahaha!!

Well, I went into my favourite stamp store in London, Stamp Art and my pal Nancy was only too happy to help me get my hands on one of these systems. I was so excited when I picked it up and couldn't wait to get home to try it out.

Okay, I'm really taking a chance in showing you this picture. Please don't think less of are my friends and are required to accept me, mess and all.....*snort*. You know that I am on the My Favorite Things Design Team and all the MFT clear stamps come in the long packages (so I have a lot of them...heehee) and at this point, I keep them in these galvanized pails that I got at the dollar store. I also keep my other acrylic stamps in there too. Well, this picture shows those pails, which you can hardly see behind a couple of teetering stacks of other items that I planned to see if I could fit on my new Clip it Up. I'm so embarassed by this picture.....please pay no attention to the mess behind the mess. That's my craft table and I've obviously just finished a project and haven't cleaned up yet.....actually that's what my desk looks like on a daily use trying to pull the wool over your eyes. Take me as I am.

Anyhooooooo, I opened the Clip it Up box and pulled out the pieces, thinking this was going to take me forever to figure out how to put together! But it was really extremely simple. All the pieces fit well together and there was no need to get out my honey's toolbox or anything! I love that. And here is the after shot!!!

Doesn't it look all lovely and organized??? I kid you not, from the moment I opened the box, put it all together and got my piles of stuff clipped up and hung up on the base, was less than half an hour!!! It was awesome!!! It comes with 80 clips and that was more than enough to get my stuff organized, in fact I had a lot leftover. It also comes with little tabs that you can label and separate your things by company or category. I haven't gotten that far yet. Hehe. But I must say, I am really impressed with the system and think that it is definitely worth the investment. Now I don't have to rummage through buckets and plastic containers trying to remember what I have and then trying to find what I have. It's all up on my desk and completely visible and accessible!!! Not only that, I actually fit MORE on it than was in that picture!! I got all of that stuff clipped up and still had room, so I fished some more packages of stuff out of my plastic totes and clipped them up too!!! It holds so much!!

If you are interested in getting the Clip it Up, I suggest you give Nancy a call at Stamp Art (her information is on the website) and I'm sure she'd be happy to help you get one. Thanks Nancy!!!

If you have any storage or organizational tips, I'd LOVE to hear all about them. Feel free to leave me a message in this post and tell me how you organize all your 'stuff' or link me up to a post on your blog if you have one.

I'll be back later with a card to share, so be sure to stop back!!


Janine said...

Glad to hear that it worked for you Kim. Looks great. I love mine too.

Melinda said...

I saw these the other day in my local scrapbook store. It does look like a great way to get organized. I have to have my stuff organized too. Check out my blog... I have a picture of my room. I just got the new desk last week and it matches my storage units.

Beth said...

I love my Clip-it-up! I just added the upper tier as a gift from my DDs for my birthday this month. It is incredible how much one will hold and how quickly it is to store my goodies.

ink'n'rubba said...

that looks like a very useful gadget to have! I need to re-organise, again!

Diane said...

Amazing little gadget!!! But you cheated,there's a window in the 2nd pic and not in the 1st one,lol.
I'm just kidding!!!
I think I would love one of those!

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