Beautiful Day....For a Duck!!

Yesterday, my friend Donna and I had a great day shopping for stampin' and scrappin' goodies and it didn't matter that it was a dreary and miserably rainy day outside!!

We started out at 9am leaving town to head to Sarnia which is about an hour and a half away. We had a great time chatting all the way down there and the weather was just grey and yucky. We arrived at the Sarnia Scrapbook Show at about 10:30am and headed straight in to the gigantic room full of papercrafting goodies!! Aaahhh, pure heaven!!

You have to understand that around here, we have very few of these types of events so it's a big deal to us stampers! So Donna and I, armed with our large empty shopping bags (mine was my pink and black MFT DT bag...heehee!) slowly made our way around the big banquet hall and had a peek at each of the different booths and vendors checking out the different sales and prices to see what was available first. THEN, we made our way around a second time to start filling up our bags!! I got some great deals and each booth had different items so there was very little duplication.

In addition to the papercrafting booths there were also a few that made me scratch my head. There was one selling purses, one selling jewellery and one selling chocolate!! Hmmm...strange. I simply bypassed them, as I'd much rather spend my $$ on stampin' stuff!! Guess I'm not a typical girl!

The VERY best booth there by far, was The Town Scrapper!! Phebe had a wonderful display with several tables, a make and take table with all proceeds going to breast cancer research and several large wooden easels and shelves holding all the wonderful High Hopes, Magnolia, Rakle, MFT and Hanna stamps!! It was lovely to see....and even more lovely to purchase!! She had wonderful sales on and there was a lineup at the checkout, which is always a good sign!

So Donna and I, with our bags full, left the show just after noon and went and had a bite to eat then got back on the highway. Well, wouldn't you know, that just the day before I had received an email from a local scrapbook store called Scrapaholics to tell me that for Saturday only they were having a Customer Appreciation Day and everything was 25% off!! And Donna had never been there before so we stopped in there and bought a few things too! Almost everything I got there was off the clearance shelf (I'm such a bargain hunter) and everything else was discounted...yippeee!

And of course, since we each had gotten a Micheal's flyer in the mail the day before, we had to slip in there to use our 50% off coupons!! Hahaha!! They actually had some good sales on there too!

We got home around 4pm and we were extremely please with our haul of yummy goodies!! Would you like to see a picture???? Okay!!

I think I did pretty well, huh?? Even though it was wet and gross, it was kind of fun running to the car through the rain with our packages of stuff!! I got a few soakers and my wet hair made me look like a drowned rat but, oh well!! The things we must do for our craft!!!

Be sure to check back later as I'll be posting a card!! Toodle-oo!!


Marjolein said...

Wow.....sure looks good your stash, and it sounds like you had a great day!

TaraG said...

Oh, Sounds like an awesome day! I am not much of a shopper except when it comes to scrappin' and stampin' stuff, then I am all over it! Your haul is impressive....good work! I look forward to seeing it on all your fabulous creations!

Brenda said...

Love good shopping days like this :) Be glad your trip was only 1.5 hrs away. The closest stamp/scrap convention to me is 7 hrs away. Ive made the trip a few times, but its a mini vacation, and I end up spending way too much money (to justify the trip). Enjoy your new stuff :)

Belas Creating Place said...

Wow sure brought home some fun stuff. Your trip to Sarnia sounded amazing.

It is always fun to shop with a friend, I do say and better when you do it with scrapping stuff.

MichelleO said...

Sounds like a great day depsite the rain! Looks like you got some fun goodies... love that core'dinations paper... I have been using it on tons...have you see the brown??? just yummy! Have fun with all of your new stuff!

Katharina Frei said...

WOW Kim, this sounds so exciting. Like the show I visited in Germany. It would have been so much fun if we could go to such shows together. I don't know any stamper or card maker over here, it's really bad :( Maybe I can launch a trend...hehe
Have a rgeat day!

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