Copic Certification Day!!

So I left you on the last post, as we were just about to fall asleep after a fabulous but looooong day of stampin' fun. Well, sleep came well to three of the ladies in our hotel was not so fortunate!!! One poor soul was awake alllllll night long, listening to the CONSTANT rumbling noises of a freight train beside her in the bed. She tossed and turned, she tried sleeping with the pillow over her head, she tried plugging her ears with her fingers, she tried plugging her ears with the bed sheets....all were fruitless efforts. Eventually she put on a sweatshirt and fuzzy socks and crept into the bathroom. She brought in two pillows and laid down several of the bath towels and curled up on the hard, cold floor!!! STILL, she could hear the freight train but eventually she did get a half hour's sleep. When she woke up, her back was killing her, so she had to get back in bed beside the freight train but she was SO exhausted that she finally fell asleep for an hour and a half before she had to get up to start the day!!

I tell you all this, so that when you look at all the pictures below, you will excuse my disheveled, exhausted look. In most of them, I look like a deer caught in the headlights and my hair was not cooperating (plus I was simply past the point of caring by then) and the headlights are bouncing off my gigantic forehead. There...that's my disclaimer!!

Anyhoo, we got up (some of us more slowly than others) and had Timmie's for breakfast, then headed to the hotel ballroom for the Copic workshop. It was fabulous meeting so many of the wonderful gals that I've 'known' through blogging and emailing for the last couple of years!!

The first one I met was Kerry Johnson!! What a fun and vivacious gal!! We're instant friends, I'm tellin' ya!! OH and she's up for the MFT Idol right now and her week two project is an AMAZING children's counting book! I got to see it in real life, so be SURE to go and vote for her before 10pm EST tonight!!! You're a shoe-in Kerry!!! *wave*

Then my pal Tara arrived!!! It was so fun to finally meet after months and months of yakking and emailing and doing our challenges together!! Tara is exactly how I imagined her to sweet and lovely!! Tara just got invited to be a Guest Designer for Whiff of Joy and I'm so excited for her!!! Way to go Tara!!! *hugs*

Of course here are the High Hopes Divas that all made a loooooong trip in order to meet up with each other.....oh and of course the Copic thing too! haha!!!

Janette is from Buffalo, NY and even though there was a Copic workshop right where she lives, she made the trip to Toronto just to meet Crissy and I!! It was her first trip away from her kiddos and her first to Toronto!! I'm SO proud of her! Janette is SUCH a super sweetie!! Love you, Janette!!

I already told you that Crissy came the night before and she and Andrea and I hung out in the hotel room and coloured. I ran down the hotel hallway to grab her and hug her when she arrived! What a doll! She is truly an awesome artist, both in her drawing and her colouring. (I'm not gushing though!) She showed us some cool tricks that I've been practicing. I SO wish we could have spent more time together! Love you, Crissy!!

Julia Stainton
and I FINALLY got to meet! After two years of talking back and forth through emails and blogging, we finally met! Can you believe that we live only about 20 mins apart and we had to travel all the way to Toronto to meet?? Crazy, right?! She's so sweet!

And Sherrie Siemens and I were on a Design Team together briefly a while back, so we know each other too! She was a co-teacher of the Copic workshop and it was fabulous to watch her work and learn from her. Sherrie is a fantabulous artist!!!

The workshop was awesome and we learned lots. We got some cool stuff to take home and got to play with different techniques that we'll be using for sure! Here are Janine and Amy workin' away!!

Overall it was an awesome day, I just wish it could have lasted longer. I have a beautiful new Copic Designer certificate that will be proudly displayed on my wall and now I can add that little Copic badge to my blog. I'd better do that before I forget.

Let me leave you with one last pic. If you haven't figured out who the noisy freight train is a shot of her trying to apologize and make it up to me!!! Love ya girl!! *giggle*


andrea said...

I have never seen a freight train look so hawt before !!!!
I know I know, it will take more than a kissy poo to make it up to you tee hee. I have a feeling I will be your slave for awhile tee hee. And I think you look are a girl who doesn't need much sleep, just sayin

joey said...

Hiya Kimmie, these are fabulous piccys, you all look so happy :O) xxx

Kerry J. said...

Kimmie I had such a great time yesterday!! It was SO nice to meet you! You are beautiful inside and out - no matter how little sleep! I hope one day we can get together and stamp! Thanks again for delivering my bella order!!!

Nicola said...

I hope you find yourself some earplugs tonight dear. I know when hubby snores, a night without sleep is no fun at all. Still looks like you had loads of fun.


Crissy Armstrong said...

Kimmie, you are a hoot and a half! That run down the hall to greet me is something I won't forget soon! Touched my heart dearie! xo!!
We live WAAAAYYY too far apart. I LOVE YOU TO PIECES!!
Sleep or no sleep, you are a beautiful woman! Hope your back has recovered (do those stretches!!!).

Pinky said...

For a gal who got hit by a freight train you still look awesome!

Glad to hear that your copic and bella excursion was a hit. What fun it is to meet our cyber friends isn't it!

Looking forward to seeing your creations with your new copic techniques. I can't imagine that your cards could get any better.
Toodles Sistah,

Nicole Bailey said...

ha ha ha....too funny Kim!

Anonymous said...

hey girl, looks like FUN!! I am oh, so slightly envious of all you gals getting together for fun!

Tracey said...

Great pictures Kimmie!! Thanks for sharing!! Looks like you had a fabulous time!! xx

Janette said...

Kimmie- I loved being able to meet you girls, it was a great experience and one I won't forget! You know we shoulda stayed over last night too. We should have had you sleep with Crissy and then the 2 snorers would have been stuck together LOL. Although, I venture to guess Andrea was louder :)

Christine said...

Seriously Kimmie, sleep or no sleep, you're one HOT stamper! The "disclaimer" was not necessary - you looked fabulous and it seemed you had a wonderful time! Thanks for sharing the stories and the fun pictures!
Christine aka The Stampin' Ninja

Ila said...

What a Great time you all had! Thanks so much for sharing what went on and all the Fabulous photos been so fun to read and see it all!!..and you look Gorgeous Kimmie!!...Hugs, Ila

Lacey Stephens said...

Wow! Looks like you guys had a blast!! Awesome pics...I hope you got some sleep.

Sherrie said...

Great pictures from a really fun day! It was so nice to meet you in person are such a sweet soul!

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