What a Day!!!

Well, I'm back from my little overnight getaway with my honey! Didja miss me??? Heehee! We had a great time at IKEA on Sunday! I got some wonderful organizational thingies for my craft room, including some of those towel bars for my punches. So I'm excited to get organizing this week ('cause remember, I'm off from work...yippee!). But the best part of the weekend was yesterday morning!!

We woke up in our nice hotel room after sleeping in...aaaaahhhh! Then my wonderful, amazing husband took me to........Stampingbella!!! Emily and I have 'known' each other online and through emails since she first opened her shop about two years ago, but we had never met. Well, the trip was a last minute thing and I emailed her the night before to see if she would be at the store and she was so excited I was coming! (Not nearly as excited as I was to finally be going, I'm sure!)

So we walked into the store and we got the warmest greeting from everyone!!! Emily gave me a huge hug and we met the super talented Nicky and of course, Emily's adorable husband Ryan. And as if that wasn't enough, Pinky66 (aka Lori Brown) from SCS was there!!!!! Hi Lori!! *waving* It was so much fun! Al took a bunch of pictures of us with everyone's cameras and then, the sweetheart that he is, he took off and left me there!! Haha! He went to a little mall nearby and shopped for a bit....a long bit.

Well, we all visited and chatted and SHOPPED!!! The store is a rubber haven....walls and walls of pink packages of Bellas and Stellas and sentiments and of course the new Ketto stamps went on sale on Friday, so most of them were sold out BUT while I was there, a new shipment arrived! Woohoooooo! We all crowded around Emily while she lovingly handcut them out of the rubber for us! I picked up just about one of everything!! I LOVE KETTOS!!! Then Nicky, Lori and I coloured for a little bit and chatted about Copics, ink, paper, etc. *sigh*

When Al came back, he had gotten the photos printed for EVERYONE!!! How sweet is he??? The girls all love him....I knew they would! He also brought me lunch and we sat and ate while chatting with the gals!

Sadly, we had to leave....Al had let me stay for about two and a half hours and although I could have stayed ALL day, we had to go. I can't WAIT to go back in two weeks! YEP! When we go down for the Copic Certification workshop, we'll be spending the WHOLE day in Bellaland!!! Heehee!!!

Okay, I will be back later with an actual card, but I just wanted to share my wonderful day with you!


Tessa said...

cool stamps!!

TaraG said...

Oh, it sounds like soooo much fun, Kim! Emily and Nicky are the best stampin'sistahs and soooo super duper sweet! The pics are fab!!! Thanks for sharing your fun day in Bellaland! I know it has become my favourite stamp store! I got my paws on several of the new Kettos too...aren't they sooooo fabulous...love 'em!!!

Pinky said...

Kim!!!! Wasn't yesterday a blast, couldn't you just live in that land of all things Bella? I know that I could. I would live on dry toast slid under the door of the shop if they would let me stay forevah!!
It was a pleasure to meet you and your adorable hubby yesterday - it was the icing on my perfect weekend. What a gem of a man you have there. The pictures he had printed are posted proudly on my inspiration board at my desk (I'm lookin' up at your sweet face right now)
I hope that our paths cross again, but in the meantime I will continue to pop into "Kimmie's Korner" for cyber visits.
Mwah Sistah, Pinky

Callie said...

Can I just say.... JEALOUS!! That's my dream right there! I'm in envy!! I got an email from Em today and just about cried I was so excited!! Even more so that she was praising me for the work I submitted to her for bellarrific Friday! I can't imagine actually meeting her in person!! Lucky, lucky, lucky!!

Danielle said...

What a fab time you had - and you met my stamping sistah-friend Lori - what a surprise to see her in your pic!! The Stamping Bella store looks like soooo much fun. Glad you had a good time!
Hugs, Danielle

Tracey said...

So glad you had a great time Kimmie! Your pictures are fabulous and Bellaland looks amazing! I must visit there myself sometime!! :) Can't wait to see what you start creating with all of your new stamps!! xx

Lacey Stephens said...

Oh my!! What fun!! I am sooo jealous!!

Ila said...

It sounds like you had a Wonderful time...Thanks for sharing these Fabulous photos...I just loved looking at the shop....and what a Sweetie your hubby is!!..Have a Great Stampin' Week!!!....Hugs, Ila

Diane said...

Lucky girl!!! Sounds like you had a blast!

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