Victoria's Baby Shower!!

I mentioned last week that I was helping my Mom throw a baby shower for my sister-in-law, right? Well, it was on Saturday and I just wanted to share a few pictures. I didn't get a lot of great ones as I was running around doing games and helping with presents and all that good stuff, but I've done the best with the ones I did get.

A lot of people have been asking about the diaper cake, so I'll show that first. I'd seen a lot of great designs on the internet, so I decided to make one for Rita. I used the size one know, the teeny tiny ones....and it took 131 diapers to make it, so pretty much two packages. But I did make it a little bigger than most. It has three tiers with a bottle of lotion in the middle of the first layer and it goes up through the middle of the second layer also. Then there is a little bottle in the middle of the top layer with rubber duckies on the top. Each diaper is rolled up and tied with pink curling ribbon and then all tied in place in each tier. I made bands to go around each layer with pink cardstock and patterned paper.

I strung up four soothers with pink curling ribbon and lots of bunches of curls. The 'lollipops' you see were also party favours at each place at the tables. They are made using the dollar store baby washcloths, rolled up and wound around, taped and then taped to wooden dowels at the back. We then covered them with pink tulle and tied with the curling ribbon. The finishing touch was the fact that I personalized it by creating a streamer coming down the front with the baby's name on it, Victoria. I used one of my alphabets and my punches to create it. The diaper cake was a lot of work but everyone loved it, especially the mom.

Also the centerpieces were made using glass bowls with pink stones in the bottom and floating baby rubber duckies with pink ribbon around their necks. Then we sprinkled baby shower confetti around them. So cute.

There was SO much great food but the best part (for me) was probably the cake. It was a vanilla cake with strawberries inside and chocolate covered strawberries on the top. It says 'Coming Soon, Sweet Baby Victoria'. Yummmmm.

We played a few fun games...not too many for the party poopers....and Rita opened lots of wonderful gifts for the new baby. I also made her a ready-made scrapbook. I used an 8x8 pink scrapbook and completed all 20 pages using Baby Safari papers and embossed stickers and SU cardstock and added journalling boxes that say 1 month, 2 month...all the way to 12 months...., so that all she has to do is stick in the pictures. Lastly here is a picture of the four of us....Rita, Mom, Me and Emileigh. You'll have to forgive the fact that it's at the end of the afternoon, after we'd been running around like crazy....and my hair is a droopy mess. Sorry. *insert eye roll*

Well, Victoria is due to arrive on September 16th and Aunt Kim, Cousin Emileigh and Nana Diana can't wait to meet her...heehee!!


* Ula * said...

Very beautiful and very sweet "baby-cake"
I love it ;-))
hugs Ula

Erin said...

Looks like u had so much fun! Love the nappy cake! And i would die for piece of the proper cake right now. Looks so yum!
Erin x

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