Ears Another Peek!!

Tease?? You say I'm a tease?? Whatever do you mean??? I wouldn't want to spoil the surprise! I mean, the girls have worked super hard on their beautiful creations for the previews....starting Friday.....and I wouldn't want to ruin that.....would you???

So here are a couple more snippets of rubbery goodness. Any guesses??? *giggle*


jannekescreations said...

I can't wait Kim ;0)
And you teasing us, but we have to wait ....
It s hard you know waiting for new stamps!

Hugs, Janneke

Nadine said...

Don't tease us ;) Maybe a little bit more.
HUgs Nadine

Mary said...

2 more days EEK!
okay I think this one is a Fox holding a bouquet of Roses??
probably no where close! lol

Still can't wait!!


Leah the Orange said...

totally FOXY! yes yes!

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