Alter It!!!

So I was cleaning and reorganizing my stamp room this weekend, as I often do, and I came upon some notebooks that I had purchased at the dollar store before Christmas. I had great intentions of altering them and decorating them to give as gifts, but I ran out of time........can you relate?? When I found them today, I thought it was time to play with one.

The pink one was the first one I ever did and I actually did it for Emileigh a little while ago for a VSN challenge on Splitcoast and I was a runner up for the category. It is perfect for Emmy-Lou, so girly and PINK!! The one I did today is actually for the daughter of a woman I work with at the library. Her name is Emily (what a coinkydink!) and she is just like me....a lover of all things TINK!! We both have Tinkerbell floor mats and steering wheel covers in our funny is that?!

If you've never done an altered notebook before, they are super easy! Like I said, you can pick them up at any dollar store, so they are inexpensive too!! Just select the patterned paper you'd like to use, trace the book and cut it out. I used plain paper on the back, so just pick a matching colour and then also a matching strip to use as the binding. Adhere all the pieces with double sided sticky tape (the stickiest stuff is best), then decorate as desired! I like to put a monogram letter on the ones I have done but you could put 'Our Trip', 'My Diary', 'My Thoughts' ... whatever you like! Your alphabet stamps are great for this. I love the Prima Flowers, so I made sure to add those to both books. I also added a bookmark with a charm at the bottom to the Tinkerbell one, along with stickles on the 'e' and in the centers of the flowers! Super easy and it took me about an really shouldn't take that long but I like to obsess over things!!

So if you haven't altering anything before, a notebook is a quick and easy thing to try! Let me know if you've done this before or if you decide to give it a try!!! I'd love to hear all about it!!


Cindy Lou Who said...

What fun huh?? I love altering steno books too! Then you can tie ALL sorts of RIBBON along the spine!! YAY!
Love your notebooks Miss Kimmie!

Julie said...

Ohhh I love the Tinkerbell one- my girls would go nuts!!! Great job!!

DeniseLynn said...

Oh fun journals. Just to let you know I think your blog is fun and inspiring. thanks!

Darcy said...

Very cute kimmie girl!

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