The Weekend is Here!!!

It's Saturday morning and I am busy preparing for my first-ever scrapbooking workshop!! I have taught many, many card workshops and stamp camps but never a completely scrappin' class. I was asked to teach this class for a Women's Day for the YWCA here in my hometown and of course I quickly agreed! The challenge for me was that the class could only be an hour and a half long as there are several sessions during the day.

So I had to do a big of thinking (yes, it was painful)! I had to come up with a project that even beginners could complete in that time frame. I didn't want to do just a two-page layout which could easily be done in 90 minutes because then these people would be going home with two pages and nothing to put them in as I am expecting most of these people to be newbies! SO, I decided on the paperbag scrapbook!!

I spent my day off this week cuttin' and cuttin' and packaging everything in baggies ready for the ladies. I also did up little baggies which include all the embellishments like big star brads, small brads, prepunched squares and circles, ribbon, fibre, tags, buttons and a charm. Whew! It was a lot of work but hopefully that way they will be able to complete the book in the time frame!

Here are a few pics of my prototype! I hope they like it!! I'll letcha know how it goes!!

ALSO, I wanted to mention how excited I was to be asked by Cindy Lou Who to be her first-ever Featured Scrapbook Artist!! I was really flattered and totally stoked when she approached me!! So I did up a little writeup about myself (that was kinda hard) and I created a special 12x12 scrapbook page especially for her which she revealed a couple of days ago!! Please go and check it out!!!


Julie said...

Nice job Kimmie! I'm sure everyone there will just love the project!

Cindy Lou Who said...

They will love that I am sure!! They will be eww'ing n' aww'ing all over the place!!
Have Fun Today KimmieBella! (((hugs))

Lisa C. said...

totally awesome, I would love to do something like this! Maybe if you have extra kits you can just sell them on

Shadowcatcher said...

Oh! I love the look of this project and I'm not a scrapper! Looks so fun! I bet everyone loved it. Congrats on being Cindy's featured scrapper!

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