August's Kool Krafter!!!

Sorry my post is late this morning, but we had some visitors from my old hometown! It was nice to sit and visit with them, but now I'm in a rush to post and get ready for work!!

Anyway, on to today's fun!! This month I am featuring a wonderfully talented lady who I'm sure you ALL know........and if you don't, you will now!!! She truly inspires me and she is one of the few blogs that I visit EVERY morning!!! Please welcome...........Julee Tilman!!!!! **insert applause here**

I was so excited when Kimmie asked me to be her August Kool Krafter. Little ole’ me? Who would have thought this is where I’d be? Would you believe that when I was in 3rd grade I was working on a school project and the teacher brought in a 1st grader to collaborate with me because I didn’t have any “artistic ability”! That tiny little comment so many years ago steered me clear of art classes and the failure I knew I would find behind those doors.

Well, thankfully a good friend in college convinced me to go to a stamping party about 13 years ago, and I was instantly hooked. I was immediately drawn in by the fact that I could create beautiful things and express my creativity without having to put my artistic chops on the line. That coupled with the fact that I could surround myself by beautiful colors, ribbons and sparkles drew me head first into the world of stamping.

Through the years, the success and joy I’ve had creating cards and scrapbooks eventually lured me into the world of graphic design. I figured if I could design layouts for cards, isn’t it the same concept for a brochure, website, etc.? So my darling and ever-supportive hubby signed me up for some computer day classes to learn how to build websites. One of the classes was a class in Adobe Illustrator where in one day we learned how to use the program and created the most adorable elephant just by using shapes. There was no drawing involved! I think that’s the day I became an artist. From that moment on, my life changed. Shortly thereafter I switched careers and began life as a web and graphic designer in the corporate world. And after several years of giving my heart and soul there, I decided to take a wild plunge for myself. Just this month, I launched Verve Visual, my own online craft boutique, and am slowly designing my very own line of rubber stamps. Not bad for a girl with no artistic ability, huh? :)

Well, that’s the scoop on me. My crafting style has a little bit of everything rolled into it. I think the details are what make a card unique, so I spend lots of time on the little things – paper piercing, doodles, sparkles and embellishments. My favorite cards have a clean, well layered look with lots of mats and oodles of sparkle. If I had to pick one thing I couldn’t craft without it would be glitter – you can almost always find something sparkly or shimmery on my cards – and everywhere else in my house! LOL

Yay!!! Isn't she awesome?? Julee has released a new stamp set today which you can preorder at a discount, so head on over to Verve Visual and order yours!! She also has an awesome sentiment set that is not only versatile, but SO reasonably priced!! Be sure to order yourself one of those too!!!


Colleen said...

Three cheers for Julee! I am a loyal Poetic Artistry fan and I just LOVE everything Julee shares with us. It is great to know that she didn't let one little comment stand in the way of true greatness. Thanks Kimmie for featuring Julee and thanks Julee for sharing yourself!

joslyn said...

great blog entry. love the interview idea.

Michelle said...

Holy wow, where do I start! I love these cards! The colours are rich and all the layers and detail are stunning!

Rochelle W said...

WOW! She is super talented. I love them all.

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