Day 2 of the Chicago Trade Show!!

It was another super fun day at the trade show yesterday!! We were up and at 'em early yesterday and toured the convention center, checkin' out the booths we didn't get to see on Wednesday.

We met up with LOTS more krafty friends!!! What a hoot! It's just so incredible to meet up with girls I've known online for years, literally, and we finally get to hug it out!! Heehee!

Unfortunately, my camera would not cooperate yesterday so all of my pictures are blurry....I mean, seriously blurry. It COULD be the operator....(Andrea).....but I'm not pointin' fingers! So I'll post the best ones out of the crappy pics!! hehe! Hopefully today's pics will be better!!

Andrea and I with our pal, Suzanne Dean

Finally got to hug Joanne Basile...we've known each other since our days on MFT together!

The lovely Jenn that girl!

The sweet and adorable Joy Kennedy from Our Craft Lounge!!

These girls are the BEST!!! We got along like a house on fire!! You know those people that you just meet and instantly hit it off and have a connection?? That's these ladies!! We were so LOUD and laughing so HARD!! Then we had lunch together......I pity the people sitting around us!! hehe!
Pam Varnell, Mercy Kerin, me and Jessica Diedrich!!

Crazy bunch!

Hopefully I'll get lots more pics today....and hopefully they won't be BLURRY.....ANDREA!!! *giggle*


♥Rach♥ said...

You ladies are so silly, it's cool to see you with Pam, Mercy and Jess though! Envy! :0)

Nana Diana said...

So glad you're having a great time, Kimmie (and Andrea of course).Can't wait to see what goodies you manage to fit in your suitcase and bring home. Hmmm, think I should come up tomorrow.... just kidding!


TaraG said...

WOW!!! Looks like you gals are having a blast. Your hair looks fab,Kimmie...loving the new do!
Can't wait to see more pics!

Mercy said...

O.M.G......i nearly peed MY pants this time, kimmie! LOL! great pics and fabulous post! LOVE IT!

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