Picture Time!!!

It has taken me a couple of days to recover from my vacation!!! How silly does that sound?? Oh well! You all know what I mean! We had a wonderful time and did a lot of fun things, but it's nice to get home again. But when you get home there is so much to catch up on!!

We uploaded the digital photos we took while we were away and there are 800+, if you can believe it!!! And you know what?? We've been through the lot of them several times, and I wouldn't delete a one of them!! Al has a fabulous camera and it takes amazing pictures. But now we are back from holidays and broke so I could only afford to print a few at a time!! Haha! I uploaded the absolute best ones to the Walmart website and had them printed (ended up being about 150, yikes, plus a few enlargements), just so that I had some to show people.

I'm going to share a few with you, if you don't mind.........and even if you do!!!

What a sleepy girl!! That was on the long trip down to Florida in the truck after driving all through the first night!!
The next ones were taken at St. Pete Beach on the gulf coast at almost sunset. And can you believe that a school of dolpins came and played in the water not 100 or so yards from us??? It was the most amazing thing......I just wanted to run right out in the surf and play with them!!
Emileigh and Al were doing their 'sailor looking out to sea' thing (we have several pics like this on different days of our trip) at the Pier in St. Petersburg. Aren't they a hoot! Such hams!
And the last is Emileigh's favourite! She loves Marylin Monroe and wants to get this picture enlarged and framed!! We had so much fun at Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure.
Okay, that's it for the mandatory family vacation slideshow for today.....but I can't promise that I won't make you look at some more another day!!! Heehee!


Cindy Lou Who said...

I loved the pics!! Aren't the dolphins the best? We have a ton here in WA, you can see them on any given day! Whata hoot huh? Pluuuease do show us more pics! Can't wait til ya finally come visit!!

Darcy said...

awesome pics girl!!! glad you had so much fun!

Shadowcatcher said...

Oh, I hear ya! We always say we need a vacation from our vacation when we get home. Traveling is so exhausting...but fun! Looks like you got some great pics!

Linda D said...

Great pics Kim! I do so want to go to Universal Studios... now more than ever. See you soon. Linda

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