Kim Times Two!!!

Remember how I told you that I had something cool in the works for yesterday?? Well, it worked out and I have pictures to show!!!

You know how I am on the Design Team for a fabulous company called My Favorite Things???? Well, do you know who lives in Florida?? Kim Vandersanden, the creator and owner of MFT!!!! She knew that we were coming to Florida on vacation and she made it a priority to see us!!! How sweet is she???

So we found a mid point between her home and our condo and figured that Lakeland would be our meeting place. We googled to find a stamp/scrapbook store to visit and we found Violette's!! So we pulled into the parking lot at almost the same time and it was so great to finally meet the lady who flattered me to no end by asking me to join her Design Team and has been so generous to me over the last few months!! And she is just as sweet in 'real life' as she is online!

Well, we walked into Violette's and our jaws hit the floor!! The place was both gigantic and full of yummalicious stuff and adorable and quaint at the same time. We thought we'd died and gone to heaven! There was SO much to look at and we hadn't even gotten around the first room, when my husband and daughter, who had scoped out the whole place in a matter of minutes, came over and told us that there were many more rooms to visit! It was at that point that they decided to go for a drive and leave Kim and I to do some serious shopping!! My honey is the bestest stampin' hubby a girl could ask for. He took off with Emileigh and they amused themselves elsewhere while letting Kim and I shop through all TEN, yes, I said TEN rooms in the store. They came back about an hour and a half later and we were just about done by then! I had Al take a couple of pics of Kim and I with Diana, the manager of Violette's!

Well, after we did some damage at Violette's, we headed over to the Lakeland Mall and had some lunch! We desperately needed nourishment to continue on our shopping journey!! We all yakked and visited while chowing down and then we were ready to shop again! We picked up a few things at different stores but the major score was at the local Disney store which was closing at that particular location. Everything in the store was 50% OFF!! Can you believe that??? We got t-shirts and pj's, mugs and toys!! We got birthday presents and Christmas presents for like, the next ten years!!! Okay, so that's a bit of an exaggeration!! But we did well. And of course, I had to think about my luggage and packing it all, so I really restrained ourselves!! I mean, it was physically painful to leave the store and all those great deals behind! I really could have gotten SO much more!

So after hours of getting to know each other while spending money, Kim had to head home again. So we headed out to the parking lot and Kim has the greatest car, a Mini Cooper! Emileigh was in love with it and I think Al fancied it too! So he took a pic of the two Kims in front of it!!

Well, it turned out to be a great day and I'm so thankful that we were able to get together! Thanks Kim, for driving all that way to meet us! We love ya, babe!!

OH, and if you sat through and read all the blabber, I am rewarding you with a picture of this lovely card!! Hahaha!

It's pretty self explanatory but I used this Tilda on the new bench and the sentiment is from the MFT set, By the Seashore. I just love the font ....and I wanted to send you some sunshine from Florida!! Heehee!!

Well, we are packing up tonight and our suitcases are fit to bursting!! I just hope we're not overweight with our luggage!! If we are, I'm throwing out some clothes, because there's no way I'm losing any of my stampin' scores!! hahaha!!! We'll be flying back to Detroit tomorrow afternoon around 4pm and then we drive home. Back to the snow! Ick!!


Belas Creating Place said...

Kim....thanks for sending Florida sunshine with this pretty card. Southern Ontario was hit with yet more snow today. My kids and I were out in the middle of it after a dentist appt. ICK. I enjoyed reading your story about the 10 room store LOL> are too funny. Have a great flight back and thanks for posting fun stuff for us back home.


Beth said...

What a super fun day! Okay, don't you know that I am going to see just how far Lakeland is from my home is Alabama. I'm thinkin' road trip! I am taking a class through My Creative Classroom given by Julie Ebersole and as I was looking at the list of class participants to see if any names rang a bell, there is a Kim Vandersanden enrolled. Not sure if it is the same but you have to admit it is a unique last name. Glad to hear you are having a great time! You work so... hard that you deserve it, gal!

Diane said...

Lucky you!!! So nice that you are enjoying yourself!!! Please send some heat in Northern Ontario too!!

Sarah said...

Wow! You sound like you had a fantastic day! Can't wait to see pics of all the stash you bought, including the disney stuff as I'm a massive disney fan.
Hope you have a safe journey home.
Sarah xx :0)

MichelleO said...

Man oh Man! That is like meeting up with a Rock Star for the day! At least to all of us that adore MFT! Love your blog I look forward to it each morning, I feel like I had a mini vacation to Florida myself! I just didn't get the tan!

Carolyn King said...

YOu both are adorable--wish I could have been there to meet you guys and SHOP too! What a fun day you had.

Safe travels home! Adorable card too!


Jessica Smith said...

What an exciting day you had.Oh and I love the card your work is always so amazing.

Heidi said...

Kim- it sounds like you had a fabulous day girl! Oh can't wait to see what you got. The card is so sweet too- love your paper choices always! AND....... oh, it is like 4:10 here so you just got in. I could come over to the airport to meet ya! LOL! Have a safe trip home and yeah- it is cold and icky....... sorry!

carole (TruCarMa) said...

What a wonderful day you must have had with the Boss Lady! Isn't she the greatest?! Wish I could have shopped and played with y'all! Have a safe journey home. : )

Ila said...

Love this Cute and Fabulous card Kim!! and so enjoy reading about your trip ....Thanks for sharing!!

Stampingcaz said...

sounds like you have had a lovely time. SAfe journey

Teresa said...

This is so cool! Violette's is my LSS and I love it so!!! Glad you got a chance to visit it!

Elizebeth said...

How fun is that?! Not only did you get to hang with the other Kim but you went to a 10 room stamp heaven?! I can't imagine how much awesome stuff there must have been in those 10 rooms!
I'm glad you and your family got home safely and you had a wonderful time.
And I love the way you spell your daughters name, so lovely.

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