Reach for the Stars!!!

Is this the cutest BUG or what??? And how about that sentiment??? I'll tell you all about them in a minute!

Firstly, this was a long weekend here in Canada but it FLEW right by!! I was SUPER busy and it's time to go back to work already!!! Sheesh!!

I mentioned that I was going to Novi, Michigan on Saturday to a stamp convention....well, what a day!! We had a super fun time! I went with my pals Andrea, Sheila and Rose! We shopped our little hearts out, let me tell ya!! We were motorin' all day, until our arms just about fell off from carryin' all our bags!!

We arrived in Novi at the show around 10am when they opened and we no sooner got in the gate than this lady came up to me and said, 'Are you Kimmie Reid?? I'm Lindabella!!!' Well, of course I knew who she was and we squealed and hugged and laughed! SO much fun!! We had to take a couple of pictures together and I think you can tell that we get along like a house on fire!!!

Then Andrea and I kept zippin' around the hall and found a great place to purchase Neenah smooth cardstock and we even had a coupon!!! Well, then we weaseled the bus driver into driving us down the road a piece to the Archiver's store!! Well, I've never been there and it was FUN-tastic!! I picked up a few things, mostly on sale AND we had a coupon too!! Then we ran across the road and had a quick lunch at Boston Market.

Rose is such a hoot and will do just about anything, and she asked the people at Boston Market to loan us a phone book and she called a cab!! That was the only time we really sat all day, waiting for the cab! So when he showed up, he took us down the road to a giant Joanne's and we scooped up some more deals there. Well, stupid me, I bought 4 gigantic DCWV pads of paper and they were HEAVY!!! My shoulders still aren't the same.

After Joanne's we booted it across the parking lot to a DWS Shoe store and let's just say, between the 4 of us we came out with NINE pairs of shoes!!! And 4 of them were one person's....right Sheila???!! The cabbie picked us up right there and we went back to the stamp show.

Well, the minute we walked in, I ran right into my pal PAULA!!!! We were on a DT together at one point and we've chatted by email only until now and we finally got to meet!! SO much fun!! Love her and her fancy art to pieces....even though I am totalllllly jealous!! Heehee!!! And I have to apologize for this hair is a disaster as we'd been literally running from store to store and it was super windy out. I'm afraid I didn't make my best impression on Paula.

What a super day!! It was awesome!! And I can't wait to do it all again!!

Okay, so the card!! Right, I forgot about that!! There was this awesome booth at the show and the company is called Buggawumps! There were so many cute bug stamps and funny sentiments, I ended up shopping there twice!! Heehee!! Don'tcha love him!???

Anyhoo, I'm off to work and don't forget.....Reach for the Stars....It'll keep your Boobs from Falling!!! Baaaaaaahahahaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!


Angela said...

LOOOOOVE the stamp and sentiment...way too funny!! You will have to share more with us!!!

Tammy said...

Super cute card! Looks like you all are having a super great time.

LindaH said...

daiquiris or margaritas? how 'bout daiquiris AND margaritas. I'm sooooo in!

Michelle said...

Looks like tons of fun, Kim!! Cute card.....I ran into Buggawamps at a show here a couple of years that lady talented, or what?? I even bought the oil pastels she uses.....& promptly used them once!!! Her coloring is just out of this world! I'm still mad I didn't purchase any stamps....there were so many cute ones!! Thanks for sharing the pix!

Andrea said...

Looks like you had tons of fun. Thanks for sharing all those pictures. I love your card, and wish I had been given that advice years ago....ha ha ha

Mary said...

What a fun weekend! Glad you had such a wonderful time!
And the card and stamp are just too cute!
Does she sell on-line? I am going to have to find out,because I would love to have those also!
Have a great week!

Lacey said...

Ok...THAT is just hillarious!! I wonder if it arms are going to be tired from trying!!
Sounds like you had a blast...and spent a LOT of $$!!

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you had a great time! I love the card and the sentiment had me laughing out loud at work! Thanks for the giggle on a Thursday and for sharing all your beautiful creations!

Callie said...

He's adorable! LOVE the sentiment... where can I get him? Looks like you had an amazing fun time with friends. Lucky girl!!

Janice M said...

Sounds like you had a blast!! Cute card!

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