Tag, You're It .... and Basic Stampin'!!!

In the last few days, I have been tagged about a dozen times!! Well, not that many, but LOTS!! There are 'Tag Games' going around Bloggin' Land and they are kind of fun, so I'm gonna join in.!

I was tagged first by Angie, Julee and Monika to share my 5 most favourite blogs!! Well, since that is just completely impossible, I'm gonna do something different. I have so many blogs that are in my favourites, I could never pick just 5!! (Plus most of them have already been tagged!!!) So instead, I will just ask you to visit a couple of the blogs that I have listed on my sidebar over there. >>>>>> Which reminds me, I need to update that thing. My list is MUCH longer than that!! There are so many talented stampin' and scrappin' bloggers out there with so many fabulous ideas to share. Go have a boo!!

The second game of Tag is to share 7 facts about yourself!! Well, let's see if I can find 7 semi-interesting things about me to tell ya, before you get bored and move onto the next blog........ahhahahaaaaaa!!!

1. I went to Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario and I have a Bachelor of Arts Degree with a double major in English and Sociology. It's only taken me 15 years to find a job that actually utilizes my education!!!! (My parents are happy about that........baaaaaaahahaha!!)

2. Speaking of my job, I work at the local library in the information department. I just got promoted from the circulation department. I work 23 hours a week and really love it!!! I am also an avid reader (whoda thunk!!) and I always have a book on the go!! Right now I am reading the new Joy Fielding book, a Charlaine Harris mystery and am listening to Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince on cd!!

3. My husband and I met in a computer course at the local college. We joke that we can't remember anyone else that was in the class other than each other (we probably can't remember anything we learned either!!). We started dating in December of 2004, he proposed to me in August of 2005 and we got married 5 weeks later on September 30th, 2005. It was an amazingly beautiful wedding in my SILaw's backyard garden with beautiful flowers, arbours, twig garden furniture etc. I'll have to share some pics sometime!!

4. I love reality shows and my faves are Survivor, Amazing Race, Dancing with the Stars and I can't wait for Big Brother each summer!! Emileigh and I are also Friends fanatics and my daughter has the entire series on DVD. Between the two of us we can probably answer any Friends trivia questions you can throw at us!! Try us, we're serious!!!!!

5. I love all things Tink!!! If you ever see a Tinkerbell stamp...let me know!! Can you believe I don't have one?? She's just too cute!! I love her so much that when we were on holidays in Florida a couple of months ago, I bought some cute little t-shirts with Tinkerbell on them.....I could even fit in the large kid's size (they don't make too many cute Tink shirts in adult sizes!!)

6. Which leads me to #6....I have recently lost 30 pounds!! I started the South Beach Diet last September and by Christmas I had lost the weight!! It's really exciting for me and I'm so proud of myself....and so is my family. I was a size 14 (good grief, did I just admit that?) and I'm now a size 6!! I haven't been that size since before I was married!!! I LOVE to shop for clothes now, where it used to make me cry to go shopping and try stuff on. I also LOVE to have my picture taken now....very different from a year ago!!

7. Hmmm........one more thing!! I left the best 'til last! In case you didn't already know by my endless photos and scrapbook pages and constant bragging about her, I have an amazing 15 year old daughter, Emileigh. She is the absolute shining star in my life!! We are mother and daughter, but best friends too!! In fact, close friends often tell me how they envy our relationship and a couple of people have told us that we remind them of the Gilmore Girls!! How funny. She is a bright and generous soul with a heart for others. She is a very strong individual and is not afraid to stand on her own and stand up to others for what she believes or what she thinks. She is a leader, not a follower. Not sure where she got that!! I'm so proud of her and the girl she is today and the woman she will be tomorrow. And let's just face it..........the girl is gorgeous!!! We're gonna have our hands full when she starts dating........which WON'T be for a while!!!

Okay, so that's it for this round of tag. I guess I gotta tag someone else!! Umm...probably someone who hasn't been tagged yet....how about Beate, Lindsey and Cindy!!

Also I thought I'd share a couple of cards with ya!! This past weekend I did a Stamp Camp for about twelve ladies and most of them had never stamped before. Soooo, I had to design cards for them that were easy......so I tried to come up with simple cards, single layers, basic stuff right?? I tried, I mean I really tried...but it was painful!! I couldn't just do a one layered card!!! I couldn't help myself from adding a layer....or two....and ribbon.....and brads.....aaggghhhh!! They just didn't look right! Do you know what I'm saying?? Anyway I ended up with some gorgeous cards....if I do say so myself but I stuck to just basic one or two step stamping, no fancy techniques or anything. That's simple and basic right??? So here are three of the cards that we did!!

This one uses Flower Filled and is very simple. I used Always Artichoke, Tempting Turquoise, So Saffron and Rose Red. I also added some of the designer paper for matting and a brad. Easy peasy, right?? Right.

Ya know how I love colouring in lined images with my SU markers....so I had to use Unfrogettable on a card. We stamped the base card in Certainly Celery with Itty Bitty Backgrounds and the dragonfly, added a strip of Almost Amethyst and coloured in the froggie with assorted colours. We pop dotted the main image and added some black gingham. Totally simple!

And of course, I HAD to let them see how simple it is to make an elegant and gorgeous card with the Roses in Winter set!! A couple of layers but just straight stampin'!! I used my fave colour combo with RIW....Pale Plum, Perfect Plum, Mellow Moss and Pretty in Pink for the tiny flowers!! LOVE it!!


Anonymous said...

Really cute cards Kimmie! Good job.

I agree with you about your daughter, she is gorgeous. I also happen to know that she is all the other things you said.

beate said...

Great cards!
Thanks for tagging me. I just posted 7 nerdy facts about me. I like your 7 facts. Congrats on loosing all that weight! That's amazing! And yes, you DO have a beautiful daughter.

jodene said...

First I want to say I love your cards,very pretty. I was reading your tag list and must tell you we are very similar. I to am addicted to reality T.V. can't miss it. I am a huge disney fan and tinkerbella is one of my daughters favorites she has wall sticker all over her room. And last I to own the whole friends series, so you dared a question qnd I thought long and hard to come up with one so here it is. How many girlfriend has 'Joey' had on the entire series? I don't mean one's that just spent the night, but one's he actually dated for awhile.

Cindy Lou Who said...

What cute little Tid-Bits you revealed -) Love the cards babe!
Thanks for taggin me too (((hugs)))

Shadowcatcher said...

Love your cards - they don't look simple at all. Congrats on the weight loss and your recent promotion. I loved reading all your fun facts.

Lisa C. said...

Hey, I was in AC Moore the other night and they have a set of Tinkerbell stamps that they are selling there in a box. I also saw them at my Walmart here. They are not cut good around them, but they might work. Wanna hear something funny? I use to work in the Magic Kingdom and actually got to meet Tinkerbell after one of her flights one night from the castle into tomorrow land..it was totally awesome, she even let me hold her wand! I have tons of Tinkerbell and Disney stuff, as I use to work there!

Shannan said...

Cute cards...I just had to post and tell you that my dog's registered name is "Princess Consuela Bananahammock" ...guess what we call her????

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