Watercolouring "Tutorial"!!

Howdy, howdy, howdy!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog today!! I have something that I'd like to share..........don't I always?? Now, you all know that I am a compulsive blog-hopper and one of the reasons I LOVE blogs, is the wealth of knowledge that is out there! I love to learn new things and pick up great tips and tricks!!! So today I want to share a little tutorial with you and I hope you like it........'cause I've been working on it for ages and it was a lot of work....so just SAY you enjoyed it!!!!! Baahhaahaaaaaaaa!!!

Now remember, I am new to this whole watercolouring thing, so when I say "tutorial", just picture me using my finger quotations!! I am learning this as I go, so I'm just sharing my observations and experiences and hope this helps you in discovering what works for you!! I am in NO WAY a Watercolouring Wizard or anything....but DO feel free to try this at home!! Heehee!!

I created this little card and took a ton of pics as I went, so I'm just going to post them and share what I did to make it, kay?? Ya with me???

First, I chose the stamp that I wanted to use, which was this pretty Pansy stamp from The Artful Stamper. I've found that my favourite paper to use for watercolouring is, of course, watercolour paper by Stampin' Up. It is a little on the spendy side, but totally worth it. And of course I used my black Stazon ink, so that it doesn't bleed with all the ink and water you will be slopping on it!!

I stamped one pansy in the middle of the paper and also stamped a couple more on a spare piece of cardstock and cut them out. These will be used to mask my image to make them look layered.

Then I chose the colours that I wanted to use. For this card I am using Elegant Eggplant and Always Artichoke. I use the refill inks in the lids of my stamp pads and my SU Aquapainter.

I painted my flowers using a light layer of the EE ink and water. The more water you use, the lighter your shade of colour. You want to do a lighter layer first so that you can go back and shade in certain areas darker.

Here I went in with straight EE ink on my brush and did the centres of the flowers darker and also around the edges.

Then I went around the whole image with Always Artichoke and made it darker around the flowers.

So again, (in case you had forgotten what it looked like waaaaaaaaaay back up at the top of this post...hahaha!!) here is the final card. I used kraft cardstock and stamped the Weathered background stamp in Creamy Caramel on it. I matted the main image on EE and AA cardstock and added some green wide organdy ribbon. I stamped the sentiment from Sincere Salutations and walaah!! Here it is, the finished card!! I mean, it is no professional card by any means!! It's only like my second or third try with the aquapainter, but I think it turned out okay!! And my goal is just to share my experiences with you and hopefully we can learn together!!!

Now go on and give it a whirl!! I'd love to see what you make if you care to share!! Just link it in your comment!! Come on, I wanna see, I wanna see!!!

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P.P.S. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! And know what else??? FOUR of my posts are featured on today's latest Carnival at the online magazine, Craft Critique!! This week it's all about Markers and you know how much I looooove my SU markers!! Check it out!!


Allison said...

Hi there...are there supposed to be more pics because I only see the first one...

Blogger has been acting flaky for me today so maybe it is doing the same thing here with your images...or it could just be me!

Thanks for writing this up!

cndymkr said...

I will check back tomorrow because I couldn't see any pictures. Thanks for doing all this work.

Shadowcatcher said...

I'll be back to read your tutorial when Blogger starts behaving and lets me see the pics! Congrats on the Craft Critique Carnivale!

Oh, and TAG, YOU'RE IT! http://poeticartistry.blogspot.com/2007/04/ive-been-tagged.html

mimihas5 said...

Hi. Your write up is wonderful but I can not see any of the pictures. ;)


Cindy Lou Who said...

OMG!! This is STUNNING!!! I love it!! I totally don't do enough WC'ing! This rocks! You should be very proud =)
Oh yeah, congrats on the CraftCritique thingie too!

Cassandra said...

Great tutorial - thanks for posting! I love reading your blog and think your work is beautiful!

Annie said...

GREAT tutorial, Kimmie!!! Thanks!

Gina Wrona said...

Awesome! You make me want to leave the office and go home right now so I can try this!!!!

I never would have guessed looking at the finished card that this was the technique you used.

Shadowcatcher said...

Ooh, I've always wondered how to do this... looks like the trick is the light layer to begin with. Can't wait to try it out. Great job with your tutorial!

Amy said...

Good job on the tutorial! My mom loves irises and I have a great stamp that I can use the layered look your gave your pansies. Great idea and I can't wait to do it for Mother's day!

StampingontheLakefront said...

This tutorial rocks! Thanks so much. :)

karlascottage.typepad.com said...

Nice look with the watercolors, I'll have to try using the ink, I have never done that.

Thanks for visiting me, and I have you signed up for the drawing. And thanks for the compliment!

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