Mamma Mia Meltdown!!!

Last night was fantastic!!! However, it did NOT start out that way!! I can-NOT believe my stupidity.....and I'm completely embarassed about the whole darn thing but I will share this with you, my best friends, as a cautionary tale! You probably won't believe that someone could be such an idiot.....but I digress....

Yesterday I picked Emileigh up from school and we were excited and talking about the show we were going to be seeing in a few hours. So I went to pull out the tickets, which I had hidden the minute they came in the mail two months ago, without looking at them. I never even took them out of the envelope.....I just stuffed them in the drawer so that Emileigh wouldn't find them!! (I'm sure you can see where this is headed!) So I open them up and I'm showing them to Emileigh and she says....'Why do they say Tuesday??'.....(it's Thursday)....and you can just imagine my complete and total meltdown at this point. It was not a pretty sight. We were supposed to be going with friends out to dinner and then to this show....and our tickets were for two days ago!! I felt just sick!! We had missed the show!

So my wonderful husband, who had been sleeping (he works nights) but had woken up because of the awful caterwauling he heard coming from my stamping room, got right on the horn to the John Labatt Centre and they told us that it had happened to several others as well over the last few days. That made me feel a little better, because I KNOW I had booked them for Thursday, so that we could go with our friends. Anyhoo, Brian in the box office (I LOVE him), told us to come with our old tickets right when the doors open and if there were seats available, they would probably be able to get us in.

So we ate at home, left super early, drove through horrendous downtown London Christmas traffic, found a parking garage, waiting until the box office opened, hoping and praying that we could get in (me trying to hold back tears the whole time, while telling my pathetic tale about my own stupidity), and thank the good Lord, we got in!!! And not only did we get in, we got better seats than we originally had!! It was wonderful, the show was fabulous and Emileigh and I had an absolutely amazing time!!! So the moral of the story is ........ open the stinkin' envelope and check your tickets!!!!!! Don't be a moron and assume that you got what you ordered!!!!!!!! *sigh*

Anyhoo, on to the card!! I made this one a couple of days ago using Milton's Fresh Pine by High Hopes Rubber Stamps!! I knew that I wanted to use some stripey paper with a few different colours in it to use on this image and his awesome flannel shirt! I think this paper is from Scrapbook Walls. I stamped the upper portion of the card base using my cluster of snowflakes stamp and then added the dp on the bottom half and a strip of Pumpkin Pie attached with eyelets. Milton was coloured in using my SU markers and then I added some Stardust Stickles on the freshly fallen snow and his hat. For the sentiment layer I used several circle punches and the scalloped circle punch and I used the Wonderful Wishes set by Verve Visual.

Well I have this morning off and then I work this afternoon and this evening and then all day Saturday....blech. BUT then I have five days off over the Christmas holidays. I will still be posting here on Kraftin' Kimmie's Korner throughout the holidays but if you don't get a chance to stop in, may I take this opportunity to wish all my cyber friends a joyful Christmas season filled with peace and love!! And may you find lots of stampin' treats beneath your tree!! *wink*


Tricia said...

So cute Kimm! I'm glad your night turned out well. :) I'll be stopping by (your blog, that is!) during the holidays! :)

Beth said...

I am so glad things worked out for you! Don't feel bad, I can see myself doing the same thing. What a cute, cute card!!!!

kuka said...

Hi Kimmie
I did exactly the same thing a few years ago when Celine Dion came to England. I thought my tickets were for a Thursday but they were for the Tuesday previous and to make it worse the friend I was going with thought they were for a week later. We weren't as lucky as you and didn't get to see her!!
Happy Christmas

Deborah said...

Quite a story! I am so glad you got even better seats and had a blast! Love your adorable card! Merry Christmas! Deb

dd2njoy said...

Oh Kimmie that was a funny story but yet not funny!!! That was great that you got better seats!!!
I'm sure the show was spectacular!!
Your card is awesome!!!

mimihas5 said...

I'm so happy to hear that your night went well after all. I can not tell you how mahy times I have messed things up by assuming something. I try not to assume any thing any more. :)


ingemg said...

Hihi this sounds so typically as a thing that could happen to me too:P So glad that you were able to get in have fun with your daughter and see the show after all!!!

Great card Kim, love the flannel shirt, such great detail;)

XO, Inge

Belas Creating Place said...

Great card Kim.
Merry Christmas to you and your fammily and all the best wishes for a fun stamping and prosperous New Year.

Monika/Buzsy said...

Glad it all turned out and got to see the show... love the card... that image is so cute... TFS!

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